Ingenia Behavioral Health provides effective and efficient applied behavior analysis that focuses on the result of assessments to develop interventions that will increase skills, decrease problematic behaviors, and provide training which culminate in the goal of increasing quality of live for the client and family.

Skill Development
Ingenia Behavioral Health’s skill development program focuses on intensive, 1:1 programming which develop independence in daily living. The functional skills which are focused on are developed through assessment and include; communication, social, and play skills. 


Ingenia Behavioral Health uses interviews, functional assessments, and Behavior Intervention Plans (BIP) to reduce maladaptive behaviors which may include tantrums, physical aggression and verbal aggression to name a few. Each behavior that is reduced is replaced with a socially appropriate behavior which improves quality of life and opens the individual to new opportunities.


Ingenia Behavioral Health uses assessments to determine skill development, behavior reduction, and verbal development. Assessment is the foundation in which a targeted intervention is implemented effectively and efficiently. Ingenia Behavioral Health uses formal assessments which will utilize information gathered to develop goals for our clients and to determine the necessity to reduce maladaptive behaviors.


Ingenia Behavioral Health models interventions starting in the clinic to set conditions for success. Controlling the environment in the clinic and establishing the foundation for the development of individual skills allows interventions to be conducted in community and home environments. 



Ingenia Behavioral Health conducts parent training in individual and group settings. The workshop establishes basic behavioral principles which can be used in the home setting to enhance the therapeutic results.