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Frequently Asked Questions​

  • Do you do in-home care?

We do not start off with home care. Our policy is to work initially in the clinic to determine the skills needed to develop and behaviors that need to be reduced. Once we determine the needs of the child and the best way to effectively move forward, we will provide an estimate on when we move to home care. For a more in-depth discussion, consult the BCBA who is working the case. 

  • Do you accept Medicaid?

We are currently awaiting credentialing with Medicaid at this time. Once that credentialing is complete, we will take clients on based on availability of services.

  • Can we attend the therapy session?

Yes, but the visit will need to be coordinated and will not involve anyone but you, your child, and the therapist. We must adhere to HIPAA and ethical guidelines regarding confidentiality so we will have to set the conditions to provide that treatment without other children being observed.

  • How long does it take to get started?

The short answer is it depends on you. On average, the longest wait is for completion of the assessments. Once the assessments are completed, it takes approximately 1-2 days to complete the program and fax it to the respective insurance. Dependent on insurance provider, it can take anywhere from 3-7 business days to receive authorization to provide services. Overall, the process from intake to authorization is about 3 weeks.

  • Do you have a waitlist?

As a policy, we do not believe in putting someone on a waitlist. We will refer learners to another provider rather than wait for an opening. An exception may be when we know we will have an opening in the near future, in which we will let you know approximately how long the wait will be (Usually no longer than 1 month).

  • Do you conduct tours?

As a policy to comply with HIPAA and maintain confidentiality of clients according to the ethical code, we do not conduct tours or visitations to check for fit during the clinic's scheduled session hours which is between 9am - 6pm. We will schedule a meet and greet prior to 8:45 am or after 6:00 pm based on availability.

  • How long will you hold a slot open?

Upon inquiry, we will wait one week upon the initial contact to maintain a slot once we state it is available. After one week of no contact, we will no longer reserve that session slot. 

  • What service do you provide?

We provide ABA services. We do not currently have SLP, PT or OT on staff. We will attempt to bring on speech services, and for those learners that do require those services, we will work around those schedules. 

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